Phoenix Shield

Phoenix Shield - Protective wipe clean seat covers

Looking for a quick and easy solution for increasing hygiene on board your passenger transport vehicles? Look no further, Phoenix now has protective, wipe clean seat covers available.

Due to the current climate leading to increasing hygiene, safety standards throughout all aspects of everyday life, we have made it easier to protect your passengers and your seats during your travels.

Whether you’re a taxi driver, LA, school transport contractor, leasing company or any other travel company providing a range of essential transport services; the cover makes cleaning the interior of your vehicle quicker, easier & provides both drivers and passengers an increased peace of mind of the sanitation on board.

Phoenix Shield seat covers are designed to universally slip over Phoenix seats regardless of the side which the seat belt is installed & is available for all seating Phoenix Seating ranges & headrest types.

Developed from durable, wipe clean material; Shield is designed to offer an additional protective barrier to your seating without interfering with the seat belt usage that can be problematic with inertia seat belts whilst sustaining your seating integrity.

Seat cover options available: 

  • Blue or grey cover colour choice

  • Full seat or squab covers
    - squab cover covering headrest & back of seat, full seat covers cushion also. Squab cover ideal if you have seats with a fabric backrest but a vinyl cushion.  

  • Practical covering to protect the seat fabric on board your vehicle.

  • Easily wiped clean for increased santisation.

  • Quickly removable for easy replacement.  

  • Protects your seating aiding longevity.

  • Available for all Phoenix seating ranges, headrest styles & seat belt side allocation.

Contact our sales team to discuss your seat  cover requirement further;
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