All Buckled Up

The First Wireless Seat Belt Alert System for the Passenger Transport Market

All Buckled Up is Phoenix Seating's seat belt alert system.

Designed to alert the driver/attendant of any unbuckled seat belts with the use of audio and visual warnings, this system quickly and easily offers the driver peace of mind in the knowledge that all passengers are safely buckled up throughout the duration of the journey. 

Consisting of two elements; a receiver display and a series of transmitters mounted in each seat; the system provides a clear indication, via a vehicle schematic on the receiver display, identifying whether the seat belt is buckled up or unbuckled.

Designed specifically for the passenger vehicle market, All Buckled Up utilises wireless technology to allow for seats to be easily removed from the vehicle without any hassle from extra wiring whilst allowing the driver to be reassured passengers are All Buckled Up.

All Buckled Up is now available for new seating orders and can be used in passenger vehicles from 5/6 seat minibuses up to 70 seater school buses.

Please note: All Buckled Up is available for Phoenix Seating products only.


  • Eliminates the potential danger caused by the driver turning round to check on passenger safety.
  • Display unit can be mounted to suit in the driver's cab and is easily removed for security purposes
  • Display device offers both audio and visual alerts - audio alarm to instantly notify the driver of unbuckled seat belts and visual icons for the receiver display for easy identification of unbuckled seats.
  • Configuration of the vehicle layout for the handheld device is completed before the system is delivered to you. This means vehicle layout is needed in the early stages upon ordering All Buckled Up and accompanying seating ranges. 
  • Wireless technology means there is no requirement for additional wiring throughout the vehicle as the transmitters are embedded in the seat.
  • Seats can easily be removed from the vehicle. No reconfiguration of the system is required as removed seats simply show as inactive on the display until they are reinstalled within the vehicle - eliminates any extra costs for the reconfiguration of the vehicle layout.
  • All seats are indiviudually numbered in the production phase to mirror the vehicle layout for easy location identification when reinstalling any removed seats. 
  • Current system will afford future 'add ons' which will add extra features to the system.

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