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The seat cushion on my Spacesaver seat is stuck. What should I do?

At times the cushion release valve mechanism of the seat cushion appears to no longer work or feels stuck, refusing to allow you to release the seat cushion to change its position.
This doesn't necessarily mean the valve is faulty, it may simply be solved by returning the seat back to its resting position using the reclining mechanism. If the reclining mechanism has been utilised; either for comfort whilst being occupied or to move the seat further into the vehicle side, this may be restricting the valve's working range. 
Once the seat is in its upright position, the seat cushion release valve should engage and allow you to move the seat cushion as intended. 

My seat belt is twisted, what do I do?

There's no need to rush out & buy a new seat belt or hunt around for tools to take your seat apart in order to untwist your belt. The process to untwist your seat belt is quite simple but can be slightly fiddly. All you have to do is pull the belt out completely, fold the belt in the same direction as the twist and feed this fold through the all ages adjuster or escutcheon (the plastic guide at the top of the seat), whichever is applicable to untwisting. Watch our video of the process here 

How can I find the weight and dimensions of the seats?

All the weights and dimensions for each seat are specified on the specification sheets. The specification sheets are available on the product pages of the website.

What is the standard turnaround time for a seat order?

For standard orders of a seating range and availability of components the standard lead time for the order is 3-4 weeks. This may vary from time to time but on average the standard is 3-4 weeks.

What details/information do I need to give Phoenix Seating when ordering or enquiring about a seat?

There are a number of details required when enquiring or ordering a seat including:

Seating range, cushion width, type of seat belt, type of seat belt stalk, which side the stalk will be positioned, seat leg height, cushion height and if available vehicle layout.

Will Phoenix Seating seat belts fit the seats in my vehicle?

Phoenix seat belts are only compatible with Phoenix seats and cannot be fitted to any other seating ranges.

Where can I find my INT number? (You will need this number is you are ordering a replacement seat belt as it will identify the seat)

The INT (Phoenix Internal Number) can be found on the label on the inside of the seat frame or marked on the underside of the cushion.

What is the delivery cost & what is included?

There are 2 delivery charges in place for accessory orders to Mainland UK, both are for next working day delivery when placed before 2pm Monday – Thursday and before 12pm on a Friday. Any orders placed after 12pm on Fridays, over the weekend or on a Bank Holiday will be processed on the next working day and arranged for delivery.

The carriage charge for parcels weighing less than 10kgs being delivered to a mainland UK delivery address is £12.95 ex VAT.

The carriage charge for parcels weighing between 10kgs and 20kgs being delivered to a mainland UK delivery address is £15.95 ex VAT.

Which seating range is the most comfortable?

Comfort is subjective and therefore this is a difficult question to answer. All our seating ranges are designed to offer comfort but what may be comfortable for one passenger may not be comfortable for another.

I'm not based in mainland UK but want to place an order, what do I do?

At present the website is geared up to take orders for mainland UK delivery addresses only. If you are looking to order any accessories outside of Mainland UK, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your order requirements and contact details or call the sales team on 01384 296622.

What leg height do I need?

The leg height of a seat depends on the type of passengers you will carrying in your vehicle and your vehicle type.

I.e. if you are carrying children a 275mm leg height would be sufficient, if you are carrying a combination of children and adults, the typical leg height is 300mm.

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