Specialist Seating – Trimmed Ambulance Seat Pads

Were you aware we manufacture trimmed seat pads for use in the ambulance market?

Ambulance Trimmed Seat Pad Web
Phoenix not only supply ambulance vehicles with the adaptable seating ranges you see in the front line and patient transport vehicles; we also manufacture the trimmed seat pads you sit upon if you are treated in the minor injuries units.

Ensuring the same quality and antimicrobial properties as the seating ranges supplied, the seat pads ensure a high level of comfort and protection is provided.

The seat pad is not the only solution we offer for the ambulance market; Bariatric Blenheim and front cab retrim services are also available.

Whether you have a frontline ambulance, HDU, non emergency patient transport or an events minor injuries unit vehicle, we have a quality, hygienic seating solution for you.

Get in touch with us today for all your ambulance vehicle seating requirements.