Benefits of All Buckled Up for your passenger transport

Passenger seat belt safety is impertive in all vehicles & markets. 

You may be aware of the wireless seat belt alert system, All Buckled Up we have available for your passenger vehicles but are you aware of the benefits the safety system could provide your transport with?

Regardless of the market you are serving, application of your vehicle or industry you work in; All Buckled Up can help promote and increase seat belt safety throughout your passengers. So whether you are offering school transport to sporting competitions, helping the elderly run errands, providing the public a vital emergency service or work within the infrastructure/construction sector; all of you can benefit from the reassurance of every passenger within the vehicle being safely fastened in their seat.
All Buckled Up Phoenix Seating

All Buckled Up is the first wireless seat belt alert system designed and developed specifically for the passenger transport market. Aiming to increase passenger safety, driver awareness and seat belt usage on board passenger transport, All Buckled Up utilises wireless technology to inform the driver of passenger seat belt status.

Instant audible and visual alerts are given to the driver or attendant via the display device to ensure the utmost safety. Showcasing a number of important safety information, the display device is specifically configured to your bespoke vehicle layout and includes total number of seats fastened, fastened icons displayed to show buckled status and the location of these seats along with the device changing its visual icons on the seats when a passenger releases the seat belt, the driver is alerted to any changes, is instantly aware and can quickly address the situation.

The seat belt warning system consists of 2 elements, a display screen and a series of transmitters fitted to each passenger seat in the rear of the vehicle. The transmitters are wireless not only with its technology but also from the vehicle itself; all the systems components are housed and powered within the seat itself. This is vital for any passenger transport that includes removable seating for wheelchair access or space requirements.

You can find our further details by watching the informative product video here

Targeting all passenger transport markets from minibuses and educational transport through to welfare vehicles and ambulances; All Buckled Up can enhance the safety for any fleet of vehicle, no matter the size, occupants or use of transport.

Where can All Buckled Up be utilised?

  •   Education – school transport
  •   Ambulance – patient transport
  •   Police / Prison Transfer
  •   Mobility / WAV
  •   Local Authority
  •   Community Transport
  •   Construction/Infrastructure/Utility Fleet               
    – welfare/crew vehicles
  •   Basically all passenger transport   


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