Barrier solution developed for TUFFBUS

Phoenix Seating develops all terrain seating solution; BARRIER for Minibus Options’ TUFFBUS vehicle.

DSC 0758Developing a new concept vehicle for the marketplace requires an inventive new idea, a niche in the market and the best quality products. Long-standing customers Minibus Options turned to Phoenix Seating to help develop a seating solution to be utilised within their TUFFBUS vehicle.

With a name like TUFFBUS and its concept being bringing a new heavy duty vehicle for multiple applications into the industry, Minibus Options required a durable, tough and practical seating solution.  Phoenix designed a solution using the adaptable Blenheim seat, adding a clear heavy duty material used in the automotive industry to give the TUFFBUS an extra level of barrier protection.

Finding the correct material to utilise for providing both a protective, water resistant and practical solution was not without its trials. It was imperative that the solution was versatile to easily be installed to the seat as well as productive in offering the protective barrier required.

Tuff Bus SeatsUtilising a durable, heavy duty material used in the automotive industry; Phoenix designed the barrier to be installed on the surface of the sides of the seats and underneath the seat cushion and incontinence panel vinyl. The Barrier solution provides a protective cover from the elements whilst making it easy to clean and helping to increase seat longevity by protecting the seating foam against the deterioration elements that arise from the presence of moisture.

TUFFBUS is fitted with 6 Blenheim seats, each of which can be individually removed from the vehicle to easily increase storage space within the vehicle alongside featuring a removable bulkhead and a heavy duty waterproof interior, making this flexible crew vehicle a durable addition to your fleet. 

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