Phoenix Unveils Seating Solutions of the Future at Coach & Bus UK

Seating Solutions of the Future - Phoenix Seating

Phoenix utilised the UK’s largest coach, bus and accessibility exhibition; Coach & Bus UK held at the NEC last week to unveil a variety of seating solutions to give added value to customers’ passenger vehicles and offer an enhanced passenger experience in a multitude of applications.

Here we briefly breakdown the key features of the seating solutions launched at the exhibition and how detail they can benefit your passenger vehicles.

All Buckled Up

All Buckled Up 1

Taking centre stage, All Buckled Up is the wireless seat belt alert system developed specifically for the passenger market. Aiming to promote seat belt safety and increasing care and wellbeing on board all passenger vehicles; All Buckled Up is the practical and safe solution for drivers, attendants and teachers to ensure all passengers are safely fastened in their seats throughout the duration of the journey. Utilising wireless technology the system uses a series of transmitters fitted within the seat itself to communicate the status of the seat belt fastening to the handy screen device.

Directed at all passenger markets aiming to increase seat belt safety throughout their vehicles, All Buckled Up provides a safe and practical solution. Offering audible and visual warning alerts to ensure drivers are aware of any unbuckling of seat belts along with each seat being configured for its location within the vehicle; drivers are instantly notified of the passenger who has yet to fasten their seat belt or has unbuckled during the trip.

Key features include:

  • Wireless technology – all transmitter wiring is encased within the seat itself

  • Battery powered transmitters – transmitters are simply powered by batteries for ease

  • Display device – offers drivers a diagram of the location of buckled seat belt and total of seat belts fasten

  • Audio and visual alerts – Once a seat belt is unbuckled an audible alert is produced and the fastened icon is removed from the seat location on the display screen


Visit the All Buckled Up page to find out more about the system and how it can benefit your passenger vehicle and to watch the demo video.



Cozy - Heated Seat Solution - Phoenix Seatinh

Cozy is the heated seat solution providing passengers with an added benefit of being able to control the temperature of their own seat. Perfect for community transport, Cozy offers 2 levels of heating to the seat via the 2 seat pads located in the lower squab and the seat cushion. Thermostat temperature control ensures the heat pads do not overheat or become too hot for the passenger occupying the seat.

Key features:

  • 2 levels of heating available to offer the most comfortable seat temperature for passengers

  • Heat pads are installed in the seat cushion and lower back of seat

  • Passengers have control of their own seat heating via the handy switch installed at the side of the seat

  • Temperature controlled by thermostat to ensure a comfortable level of heating is achieved

Visit the Cozy seating solution page for further information.




Barrier Seat ClippedNo matter the situation or terrain your vehicle is being utilised, Barrier provides a protective layer to your seating. Offering a water resistant, easy-to-clean and durable seating solution, this added advantage is to increase longevity of the seat foam in more challenging scenarios. Utilising a clear durable material to provide the robust barrier, it can be added to the sides of your seat, the side of the seat cushion; both of which are visible and layered on top of your seat trim. It can also be added to your seat cushion and the incontinence panel, for these locations the Barrier material is installed underneath your seating material for practical purposes – i.e. no passengers sliding off their seat cushions! Alternatively you can have the protective layer installed to all of the locations detailed for increased protection and durability.

Key features:

  • Protective barrier aims to increase seat longevity

  • Clear, heavy-duty material used to form the protective Barrier

  • Easy to clean and durable seating achieved

Visit the Barrier seating solution page for further information.

Retrofit All Ages Adjuster

This product can be retrofitted to your Phoenix standard 3-point, lap and diagonal seat belt to upgrade the seat belt functions to an All Ages belt. The benefit of upgrading your Phoenix seat belt is to ensure the best and most comfortable seat belt fit for all of your passengers. The all ages adjuster aids in ensuring the seat belt sits above the seat occupants shoulder, increasing the functionality of the seat belt for all passengers and reducing any efficiency or injury caused by ill-fitting seat belts.
Retrofit All Ages Adjuster Product Phoenix Seating


  • Best fit is achieved for all ages/ generations of passengers within your vehicle

  • Easy to install

  • Upgrades your Phoenix standard 3 point seat belt instantly

  • Complete with fitting instructions for ease

  • Available for online purchase

Visit the retrofit all ages adjuster web page for further information and the ability to purchase online

Ambulance Front Cab Retrim Service
Ambulance Retrim Web SizeWe already supply and protect the seats in the rear of Ambulances, now we are offering a retrim service for the front cab seats within your ambulance and patient transfer vehicles. Providing a uniformed appearance as well as being able to provide the same hygienic protection to your front cab seats, Phoenix can retrim the seats in the fabric of your choice.


  • Retrim materials available include the same antimicrobial vinyl and flame retardant trims utilised in the rear of your vehicle

  • Offers the same level of cleanliness, hygiene and protection throughout the vehicle

  • Antimicrobial vinyl trim protects against the growth and spread of mould and mildew

  • Trimmed in the fabric and style of your choice

Further details about the ambulance retrim service can be found on its dedicated solutions page


For further information or to enquire about any of these solutions, please contact our friendly sales team today; call us on 01384 296622 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.