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Introducing All Buckled Up

Phoenix Seating is excited to finally bring All Buckled Up to the passenger vehicle market. Designed and developed to increase safety within passenger vehicles, the wireless seat belt alert system instantly identifies seats without a fastened seatbelt and notifies the driver or attendant instantly with both audible and visual alerts when a seat belt is unbuckled.

New Product Announcement:  All Buckled Up

Utilising wireless technology the seat belt buckles/receivers have an in-built sensor that transmits a signal to the handy Android device to inform the driver of the status of the seat belt. The system is fully customised to your vehicle interior layout with each seat being individually numbered for its location and this layout easily programmed into the Android  device – all before the device is even delivered to you.

What makes this system any different to all the other seat belt alarm systems? allbuckledup

Well, this system is designed specifically with the passenger vehicle market in mind. Passenger vehicles do not have a standard layout format, with minibus' passenger seats some minibuses having the ability of removing seats in order to increase space for wheelchair access. Wireless technology featured in the system means that no extra wiring around the vehicle is required in order for the system to work, all the wiring that is needed is built into the seat. This allows for seats to be easily removed from the vehicle without any hassle; removed seats simply show as inactive on the Android handheld device until they are fitted back inside the vehicle, in the same location as configured – ensuring a hassle-free seat belt safety system.

Watch the below video for further details about All Buckled Up and see how the system works.

Available for Phoenix Seating seats only.

Available to new seating orders only, All Buckled Up is an easy to use safety system that quickly identifies fastened seat belts with a green light up person icon and alerts the driver instantly of the unbuckling of a seat belt with an audible warning and the display updating to showcase an unbuckled seat icon. The All Buckled Up system can be used in numerous passenger vehicle applications, from 5-6 seat minibuses to 70 seat school buses. Eliminating any need to turn around and check on passenger safety whilst in transit, All Buckled Up will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your passengers are All Buckled Up

Want to discover more how the seat belt alert system can be implemented in your passenger vehicle?

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