Building Your Perfect Seat

Phoenix Seating - Find your perfect passenger seat advice
You know you need a new passenger seat, maybe you need a set of seats for a new vehicle or even a variety of sets of seats for your passenger vehicles; so where do you start when trying to specify all your seating needs?

All of Phoenix seats are made to order, bespoke to each customers specification; so there are a few key considerations to be aware of when deciding on the best fit seating range for your passenger vehicles. Here we briefly detail all the things to consider when deciding on your complete seating product.


Seating Range – Vehicle application

Firstly you should consider which seating range you need for your vehicle application. i.e. what does the seat need to do in order to meet your needs; have a tip up seat cushion? Tip & turn into the side of the vehicle for space saving? Capable of being easily removed for accessibility? Phoenix seats are utilised in a multitude of market places, including the not so well known such as surveillance vehicles, on board amphibious vehicles; so we will have a solution for your passenger vehicle.

Vehicle Dimensions - Cushion Width & Leg Height

Once you’ve selected the seats or seats required, there are a few technical details that are needed. Details of which seat cushion width do you require and the leg height to be precise.

The seat width for which each seat is available to order is detailed within the features section on the dedicated seating range page.

The leg height is a little complicated as there are the following points to consider when deciding the height;

·         The maximum height of the cushion cannot exceed 500mm from the vehicle floor, this can be a good indicator of the leg height you require.

·         Do you have restricted head room in your vehicle? For example if it is a mobility vehicle, leg height is crucial here to ensure best fit in your vehicle.

·         Will be seat be accommodating a wheel arch?
The Blenheim Optimum Spacesaver seat is a good example of why the leg height accuracy is such an importance necessity when ordering your seating. A lot of customers utilise the Blenheim Optimum Spacesaver seat to be installed over the wheel arch, therefore dimensions are critical to ensure the best fitment within your vehicle.

·         Finally the type of passengers the transport vehicle will typically be carrying is a good indication of the leg height you require. For instance, if the vehicle is being utilised for early years children and young adults you may require a lower leg height than if you are carrying adults.

Seat Belts

A seat belt is a seat belt right? Well yes but we have the additional option of offering both a standard lap and diagonal, 3 point seat belt and also an all ages seat belt. Both seat belt options are available in a range of colours to best suit your brand, vehicle interior or application requirements.

Not sure if you should order a standard or all ages seat belt? No problem, an easy rule tends to be if your vehicle is being utilised for transporting children; it may be best to order the all ages type – in fact some councils insist on this being a standard.

Already have a standard Phoenix seat belt fitted but would like an upgrade? Also not a problem, simply purchase the retrofit all ages adjuster and along with your part you will receive handy step by step guide on how to fit your adjuster to convert your seat belt.

Trim Choice & Piping

We have a variety of trim choices available to help style your seats to your preference, whether you want to match your seat to an OEM trim style or you want to

Want to add a further finishing touch? You can add seat edge piping in either a complimentary or contrasting colour to complete your seat look. Note, this is not a requirement; you do not have to include this edge piping if you prefer your seat without.


What headrest best suits your vehicle preference? Do you require armrests? Protective ABS back? The accessories are available to ensure your passenger seating provides the best fit for purpose solution for your vehicle. Check out the range of accessories available for your seats here.


Additional to the accessories available for practical additions, we also have a range of seating solutions to increase value and purpose. Our All Buckled Up is an exclusive to Phoenix Seating seat belt alert system. Developed by Phoenix specifically for the passenger transport market, it is the first wireless system available. Configured specific to your vehicle layout, instant audible and visual alerts for the driver/attendant, total fastened seat count alongside allowing removable seats to be extracted from the vehicle for maximum accessibility; there are many benefits to why you should ensure your passengers are All Buckled Up.

Also available for certain seating ranges are the Cozy and Barrier solutions. Cozy is the addition of 2 temperature controlled heated pads to the seat cushion and lower back to offer another level of comfort on board. Barrier is a durable protective coat to shield the sides and the seat cushion from the elements. Boasting water resistant and easy-to-clean properties, this is the perfect solution for any vehicles being utilised for sports or adventure trips.

For any further advise regarding your seating requirements, contact the team today; 01384 296622 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.