How to use the Blenheim Optimum Spacesaver seat

The Blenheim Optimum Spacesaver is the ultimate solution for a space saving seat available at Phoenix.

The Blenheim Optimum Spacesaver is our tip and turn seat and can be utilised in a multitude of markets and applications.

With a tip up seat cushion and a simple rotating swivel mechanism to allow the seat to turn into the side of the vehicle, the seat easily results in maximising gangway space and offering the best space saving seat solution without having to remove the seat from the vehicle. 

As the most complex of our seats, (it's not too complicated) we thought we would briefly detail the correct usage of the seat with a quick training video showing how easy the Spacesaver seat is to use once you know the correct sequence. 

Watch our demonstration video below.

For full details on the Blenheim Optimum Spacesaver including features and specifications, visit the dedicated Spacesaver page here.