Are you using your all ages seat belt correctly?

Designed to ensure the best fit for children and smaller adults, the all ages seat belt comes complete with a height adjuster but are you using this device correctly? 

Fastening your seat belt is just part of the everyday routine of travelling in a vehicle, whether it’s in a car, taxi, coach or minibus. However, how many of you are really utilising the all ages adjuster where applicable and in the correct manner? 
All Ages seat belt focus

The all ages seat belt ensures the correct fit for child passengers so that the belt sits from the middle of the shoulder and rests across the chest when fastened. This prevents any injury from the belt cutting across passengers’ necks or any inefficiency with the belts efficiencies and capabilities. 

So firstly, are you utilising the all ages adjuster on your seat belt? Secondly, are you aware there is a correct way to use the all ages adjuster? 

Here we quickly outline the best practice for the all ages seat belt correct usage for efficiency and longevity of the product

Firstly, fasten the seat belt around your passenger as normal,.

Once secured, adjust the all ages adjuster to sit just above the seat occupant’s shoulder. This ensures correct placement of the seat belt across the middle of the shoulder and body of the passenger.

When you are ready to disembark from the vehicle, simply reposition the all ages adjuster to the top of the seat and release the seat belt from its buckle.

Important: The all ages adjuster should only be moved when the seat belt is fastened. The seat belt should not be released before the all ages adjuster is repositioned to the top of the seat as this can cause fraying or damage to the webbing of the seat belt from the unusual angle when retracting.

Watch our simple how to guide on the correct use of the all ages seat belt below for a quick demonstration.

Is your passenger vehicle fitted with Phoenix standard lap and diagonal seat belts and you want to upgrade to all ages? No problem, now available the retrofit all ages adjuster easily converts the Phoenix lap and diagonal seat belt into an all ages seat belt; providing all the benefits to your passengers detailed above. Suitable to Phoenix seat belts only.

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