What is the most comfortable seat available?

This is a question we hear on a regular basis.

Plus trim

Many of you will think we have a stock answer to promote the most popular or latest seating range available, however that is not the case. Here at Phoenix we are honest in our response of comfort is very much a subjective matter; you only have to look around the office and discuss the ideal temperature of see the difference in seating heights and accessories between individual colleagues.

With this in mind, our seats are ergonomically designed to suit a general passenger and we offer a variety of seating ranges and options to aid in increasing comfort on board your specific vehicle & to meet its requirements. This is also a large reason why all our seating is made to order rather than to stock. For example, leg height can have a huge impact on whether or not your passengers can easily sit properly on the seat and reach the floor or awkwardly have legs dangling.

‘British population average height has grown by 11cms in 100 years’*

With the population rapidly growing in numbers, we as a nation are growing in height with it being reported over the last century the average height has grown by 11cms. Therefore transport and its components need to be adaptable in order to best serve the population.

Other seating manufacturers claim their seats are comfortable due to ergonomically approved using anthropometric data.’ This sounds very proficient with expertise evidence; however, how can a generic seat be guaranteed to offer comfort to all individuals when comfort is such a subjective matter?

Instead of making unsubstantiated claims; we pride ourselves on offering the best advice and guidance with providing bespoke seating orders to fulfil your seating needs. With decades of expertise in this industry; there’s a selection of ways in which we best try and ensure comfort is best achieved as an overall on board your passenger vehicles.

Blenheim seat with luxury style cushion

Seating Ranges

Offering the most extensive product range within the industry, we pride ourselves on having a collection of different seating ranges available for many different vehicles servicing a multitude of market sectors. From the fixed practical Blenheim seat to the flexible, tip and turn Spacesaver seat through to the lightweight Sirius seat for M2 vehicles.

Also available to offer further comfort with the seating is the Luxury Blenheim seat. This seat offers additional padding and contouring to increase luxury and to many comfort. There is also the option of having a luxury cushion installed on a Blenheim seat back (pictured right). 

Comfort is subjective

Specifications to tailor your seating

Leg height measurement – we ask you to specify the leg height your require for your seats in order to ensure the seats are best serving the passengers it is to carry; for reasons previously discussed. You do not want your passengers perched on the edge of the seat in order to sit with their legs placed on the floor effortlessly. I.e. if you are providing passenger transport solely transporting younger children you may decide to have a standard or slightly lower leg height.

Cushion widths – most our seating ranges are available with the option of a few different cushion widths in order to provide the best option for your vehicle depending on the passengers being serviced or the space available in the vehicle.


Blenheim Plus Trim Style

We have range of accessories available to provide that little extra comfort on board.

The inclusion of armrests can instantly upgrade your seating; other additions may be simply advancements to the trim style such as the Plus trim style or the inclusion of piping to seat edges (pictured). Small but effective enhancements.

On the other end of the scale; Cozy, our heated seat solution quickly provides passengers control of their seat temperature with the inclusion of 2 temperature controlled heat pads. This additional control of the individual's seating can provide a touch of luxury for the passengers on board your transport, especially if you provide services for care homes or community transport. 

Check out the full range of accessories and seating solutions available.


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 * Reference: 'British overtake Amercians after growing 11cm in 100 years' - Telegraph Science Dividion - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/07/26/british-overtake-americans-after-growing-11cm-in-100-years/