Consequences of not untwisting your seat belt

You may not think a twisted seat belt is a big deal but you’d be mistaken.

Seat belt retraction issue - Consequences of not untwisting your seat beltIgnoring a twisted seat belt can cause a whole host of future issues, a couple of which can be seen in the images.

Here we briefly detail some of the consequences that can occur if you ignore a twisted seat belt and continue to use:

·         increased fraying and wear on the webbing of the seat belt

·         ineffective retraction of the seat belt – either a slower retraction rate or an incomplete retraction when not in use

·         multiple twists occurring and being fed back through the seat

·         prominent bend in the belt due to extended length of time twisted

·         increased chance of seat belt failure

Learn how to untwist your seat belt in only a couple of minutes using no tools with our handy how to video 

Webbing issues