Houdini Harness

Easy adjustable harness for specialised requirements to ensure safe & comfortable travel 

This easy to use Houdini Harness provides additional postural & positioning support for passengers on board your transport vehicles that may require further aid to ensure safer travel.

Ensuring safe and comfortable travel to passengers with physical disabilities that affects the person’s ability to sit upright or challenging behaviours where safety and attention may be affected can be a challenge. The Houdini harness offers a simple and easy solution to aid in providing postural support or extra safety control in all vehicle markets.


  • Easy to install & comes complete with operating instructions.
  • Full 5-point harness.
  • One size – easily adjustable harness for easy fitment to individuals.
  • Can be fitted to any of the seating ranges available at Phoenix.
  • Can be easily retrofitted to our range of tip up seats without any seat modification.
  • Access to rear of the seat is required for installation.
  • Easily utilised in all markets.

    Important Note 
    This harness is not an occupant safety restraint, it is solely to act as a support aid to be used in conjunction with the vehicle’s seat belt.

Contact our sales team to discuss the inclusion of the Houdini Harness on board your passenger vehicle - call 01384 296622 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..